The centre has been at the heart of Lincoln's community life for over 50 years, providing good facilities for social, educational and sporting activities for the benefit of local residents and the wider community. 


Originally on the site was a church junior school but it was bombed during the Second World War.  At the end of the war the land where the school had stood, was gifted to the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance on the understanding it was to be used for the benefit of the Community and the provision of physical training and recreation within the Parish of St. Swithin’s.  The Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance appointed the Vicar and Church Wardens of St. Swithin’s Church as trustees to raise the funds to clear the land and build the Community Centre, which it did from within the local community by selling little bricks until they had raised enough to build the original part of the centre which consisted of the front meeting room, hall and tower.  The original trust deed was signed on the 4th May 1949 but it was not until the 1954 that the original part of the Community Centre was built.  When it was first built the Sunday School from St. Swithin’s Church would use the room at the top of the tower every Sunday and there are still many people within the area who remember these happy times.  

The Centre became a Registered Charity on the 12th October 1964 with a working name of Croft Street (St. Swithin’s) Community Centre and the Charity Commission Registration number is 521948.

It suffered a major fire which was found to be an arson attack on the 22nd September 2013 which destroyed the main hall, kitchen, stage and sound and lighting system but it also damaged with smoke all other areas of the building.  The Centre re opened on the 2nd July 2014 and we are at present replacing all the equipment which was lost in the fire, this is almost complete.  To bring the rest of the building up to the high standard of the work carried out by the Insurance Company (who we must say have not only worked with us to get a very fast job done but have also been very fair and the work is really good), we are now applying for funding to do work in all the other areas.

Our hall is available for hire for a wide range of social events including children's parties, games evenings, public meetings as well as live theatre and music.





Beth Harris
Centre Administrator

Richard Jackson
Site Manager



Rev. Jim Prestwood
Chair of Trustees


Kath Pickering
Church Warden


Raymond Evans
Church Warden


Matt Rodgers
Youth & Students